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      African catfish; bait; haplotypes; mismatch distribution; mitochondrial D-loop; satellite lakes. [1]
      Afrotropical rivers, hippopotamus, livestock defecation, savanna rivers, trophic structure [1]
      Afrotropical streams Bioindicators Ecological integrity Land use Leaf litter processing Riparian disturbance Shredders Structural and functional indicato [1]
      aquaponics system; denitrification; Nile tilapia; nitrification; plant density [1]
      Benthic macroinvertebrates, earthen fish ponds, [1]
      Biotic index • Biomonitoring • Invertebrates • Molasses • Sugarcane effluents • Wastewater [1]
      Carbon cycling DOM composition Land use change Whole-stream metabolism Tropical streams [1]
      Clarias gariepinus, Clarias batrachus, invasive, mtDNA control region, forensics, phylogenetics. [1]
      detritivore shredders, stream invertebrates, ecosystem function, gut content analysis, omnivory, trophic relationships, Potamonautes spp., organic matter, riparian disturbance, Afrotropical streams [1]
      dietary, fish, aberration, metals, competing, aflatoxins, Lambda-cyhalothrin [1]
      Dietary. Fish. Aberration. indicator . Iron, Growth. Aflatoxins. Lambda cyhalothrin [1]
      diversity loss, endangered, haplochromines, Lake Victoria [1]
      Duckweed, Fishmeal, Oreochromis niloticus, fingerlings, growth [1]
      ecosystem metabolism, organic matter, hippopotamus, livestock, subsidy, primary production [2]
      fecundity, maturity, relative condition, Schilbe intermedius [1]
      feeding habits, Oreochromis niloticus, reproduction, Uasin Gishu dams [1]
      Fish Feeds, Feed management practices,aquaculture enterprises, tilapia, catfish [1]
      Functional feeding group, ecosystem attributes, land use and Kipsinende River [1]
      Growth response, fish meal substitution, soybean-blood meal [1]
      Lake Victoria, Lates niloticus, shift, diet [2]