Design and Fabrication of a Pedal Powered Paddy Rice Thresher International

Mutai, Emmanuel ; Ochieng, Macmillan ; Swaleh, Mohammed (2018)

The main objective of this study was to design and fabricate a hand operated pedal powered thresher for threshing, separating, and cleaning rice paddies. The major components of the machine include threshing, separation and cleaning units. Threshing operation is achieved by rotational motion of a cylinder fitted with beater spikes above a stationary grid which results in the removal of the paddies from the bulk straws. After being beaten out, the grains fall into the cleaning unit which consists of a sieve that undergoes a reciprocating motion. The machine is simple, less bulky and the ergonomic considerations in the design allows for comfortable use and can easily be operated by either male or female. The designed and fabricated pedal powered paddy thresher fitted with winnowing equipment substantially reduces human drudgery in threshing at an affordable cost and also reduces the time used for threshing operation on small farms. Threshing was efficient for moisture content between 20% and 23%. Total power required by the machine was 84 watts operating at 400 rpm. This power is produced through human operated pedal mechanism. Performance test revealed that the efficiency of the machine was 92% with a through put of 90 kg per hour.

Journal of Innovative Research in Engineering & Management



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