Analysis of Institutional Factors Influencing Adoption of Zero-grazing Dairy Farming Technology amongSmallholder Farmers in Bondo Sub County, Kenya

Okello, G. O. ; Saina, E. ; Ngode, L. (2019)

Adoption of zero-grazing addresses challenges faced by smallholder farmers. In Bondo Sub-County adoption of zero-grazing technology has remained low at 4-8 percent despite its introduction in the area in 1990s. No in-depth analysis has ever been conducted on the factors responsible for low adoption of this technology. The purpose of this study was to analyze institutional factors influencing adoption of zero grazing dairy farming technology. The study was carried in Bondo Sub-County, Kenya between February to November 2018. A study was conducted on a sampled population of 279 from a target population of 4253 smallholder farmers. These consisted of adopters and non-adopters of zero-grazing dairy technology. Purposive, proportionate, simple random and systematic sampling techniques were used to select households. Structured questionnaire was administered during primary data collection. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyze the data. The double hurdle model was used in the study to measure the adoption and performance of zero grazing dairy technology. Institutional factors that had significant (p-value 0.000< 0.05) influence on adoption of zero-grazing dairy technology were access to extension services, frequency of extension officer’s visits, group membership and distance to nearest market. In conclusion access to extension services, frequency of extension officer’s visits, group membership and distance to nearest market influenced adoption of zero grazing farming technology in Bondo sub County. Platforms for farmers’ training should be enhanced through employment of more extension workers. The institutions supporting dairy farming should be strengthened.

Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology


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