Recent Submissions

  • Performance of 1550 nm VCSEL at 10 Gb/s in G.655 and G.652 SSMF 

    Cherutoi, Henry Chepkoiwo (International Journal of Sustainability Management and Information Technologies, 2020)
    Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) are now major optical sources in optical communication and technology. The VCSEL-based transmission systems satisfy the next generation optical fibre access networks ...
  • The Role of Shell Model in Determining Pairing Interaction in Nuclei 

    Cherop, Hezekiah; Muguro, Kennedy; Kapil, Khanna (International Journal of Recent Research Aspects, 2019)
    The role of the shell model in pairing interaction in nuclei is investigated by calculating the pairing energies of O–O (odd–odd), O–E (odd–even), E–E (even–even) and E–O (even–odd) isotopes of four elements namely; 15P, ...
  • Ab-initio Simulations ofCopper Oxide Nanowires and Clusters on TiO2(101)Anatase Surface 

    Meng'wa, Victor (Journal of Physical Chemistry, 2017)
    Copper oxides deposited at titania surfaces have a beneficial effect on the photocatalytic activity of TiO2, but their role is not fully understood. In this work, possible nanostructures of copper oxide on TiO2 (101) have ...