Aberrationof Metals Competing for Iron on Exposure to Lambda Cyhalothrin and Aflatoxins in Dietary Fish from Selected Aquatic Sources in Kenya

Onyangore, Faith, O. ; Et. al... (2018)

Excess or deficiency of minerals may seriously disturb biochemical processes and upset internal homeostasis, leading to various diseases and disorders in fish species due to deficiency or excess of micro and macro elements caused by improper nutrition, avitaminosis or poisoning. The specific objectives of the study were to determine the iron levels and aberration of metals competing on exposure to lambda-cyhalothrinand aflatoxins in dietary fish from selected aquatic sources in Kenya. The concentration of elements cadmium, zinc, andiron in Oreochromis niloticusand Clarias gariepinusbred in Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute at Sagana and obtained from River Nyando was measured using atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Iron availability was lower on treatment with Aflatoxin compared to Lambda-Cyhalothrinwith a mean of 3.66 ± 0.84 mg/kg, but on subjection to zinc,competition was 3.82 mg/kg on consideration of zinc competition. The naturallyoccurring toxins cause micronutrient deprival and therefore relevant stakeholders be keen to prevent contamination from farm to fork.

Food Science and Nutrition Studies


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