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      : Biochemicals; elite genotypes; nutritional quality; oxidation; pigeonpea; redox properties. [1]
      African leafy vegetables, ripening, pods, harvesting stage [1]
      African leafy vegetables; harvesting stages ; locations of production; nutrients; recommended dietary allowances; western ; Kenya. [1]
      allelopathy, metabolites, Niger plant, weeds [1]
      Aloe chilensis, botanicals, Carica papaya, Solanum incanum [1]
      Arbuscular Mycorrhizal, Passion fruit, papaya, Phosphorus, Potassium [1]
      Bacterial wilt, plant extracts, Solanum lycopersicum [1]
      Barley, Fertilizer rates, Malting quality, Yield [1]
      Biochemical traits; host plant resistance; morphological traits; pigeonpea; pod borer [2]
      Camellia sinensis, Tea Progenies irradiation, Gamma-Treated Seeds [1]
      Climate change.Infiltration.Moisture retention.Onset of rainfall.Root zone.Runoff [1]
      Climate, Canopy cover, soil fertility, water productivity, yield gap, modeling, AquaCrop [1]
      Coffee; coffee stem and berry borer; coffee berry disease; coffee leaf rust disease; production challenges; Mbeya Region; soil fertility management; pest and disease management. [1]
      Common bean, Common bacterial blight, Incidence, Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. phaseoli. [1]
      conventional, maize, MBILI, mono cropping, soy beans, yields [1]
      Cost effectiveness, potassium, sandponics, screenhouse substrates, sweetpotato pre-basic seed [1]
      Crop diversity, innovation, resource use efficiency, stochastic frontier models, value chains. [1]
      D. teres f. sp teres, R. commune, P. polymyxa KaI245, net-form-net-blotch, scald, bio-control [1]
      Ecosystems, exudates, metabolites, Niger plant [1]
      Ekebergia capensis, seed longevity, moisture content, storage temperature, storage period [1]